CBD Pre-Rolls & Cigars

Looking Good May Come Easy But, HOW DO YOU FEEL? Looking & Feeling Good Is Tokemi's #1 Priority For You! That is why we now have Tokemi CBD Pre-Rolls & Cigars, made with Henna and CBD Flower. Our 150 Mg CBD Pre-Rolls and 450 Mg CBD Cigars are rolled in your choice of Organic Henna Paper or Corn Husk Leaves for a smooth & longer burn.
CBD (Cannabidiol) Is A Popular Remedy Used For Many Common Ailments such As; 🔹Pain 🔹Anxiety 🔹Inflammation 🔹Depression 🔹Addictions & More. Contents: ◾Pre-Roll Doobies 150 Mg CBD ◾Henna Rolled Cigars 450 Mg CBD. 
🔹All products are manufactured in USA, GMP Certified Facilities regulated by the FDA to ensure that what's on our labels is what's in our products.🔹Both are free of tobacco & additives.🔹Our products are the highest quality and purity available anywhere at the Best Price. Please Note: CBD does not claim to be a cure nor should it replace any medications prescribed by your physicians. Please consult with your doctor before taking.
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